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waiting outside the Winter Gardens, feeling slightly worse for wear

It's a bank holiday in the UK. You know what this means? DRINKING ON A SUNDAY! Who wants wine? I also have Jack Daniel's and a range of real ale I... aquired. Couple of 100 Things things and a meme, I thought, would go nicely with that:

- 100 Things is now a comm - 100things_index! All the entries (all 1300 of them) have been turned into an index, which you can peruse any time you’re bored and looking for something to read. I’ll be making weekly recs starting in June of particularly interesting, weird and wonderful 100 Things so feel free to follow/join if you want. If you have a large flist full of people doing the meme, it would be a huge help if – the next time you make an entry for the challenge – you include the comm name and/or this little banner: [code me]

- Anyone in the mood to volunteer to help me out with 100 Things permanently? Basically, this will involve coding new sign ups and adding them to the relevant posts (and tidying up what’s already there, if you can be arsed. If not, I'll get to it myself eventually). The idea of making it a comm is that I can give anyone the login to the thingermouse account, and when you’ve got a few minutes, you can code whatever sign ups there have been, and then screen them so all the other mice know they’ve been done. As Judy Garland once said, I can’t give you anything but love in return for this but good deeds bring their own rewards and all that. All you need is some basic coding ability and a selfless heart ♥.

- Lots of new friends! Welcome! Who wants to do a getting-to-know-you meme? Copy-paste this into a comment and fill it in, or take it to your page. People I’ve known for ages are also welcome to play :D.

1. Call me: JD

2. For a living, I: am a copywriter in the shady world of advertising. My speciality is puns and wordplay, so any time you see an ad that makes you chuckle-cringe, chances are it’s one of mine. I also write travel articles and novels about people not quite falling in love in the way that they meant to.

3. I share my life with: Three cats – Jack and Meg who I’ve had for 6 years, and Phoenix who I accidently adopted at Christmas – and a boyfriend, who runs a logistics company in the entertainment industry and is currently at a celebrity wedding that's going to be in Hello! trying not to get photographed skulking in the background.

4. My musical soul mate is: Rufus Wainwright. Everything he is, I want to be: honest, brave, brilliant, smart, funny, and with a confounding array of accessories.

Last week I bankrupted myself getting sixth row seats to see him in Brighton in November. I've adored him for the best part of a decade and he's written so many lines that just make me go, 'YES, YES, THAT EXACTLY!!!' but my favourite is this quote: 'I may not live the most dramatic life, but in my head, it's War & Peace every day' - because that's exactly how I feel. I love highly strung people making high art, even if that form is pop music. And his Judy Garland show? Gah. Judy is a god to me and he did such a wonderful job. I don't believe in marriage at all, but I would marry him tomorrow if he asked.

5. My current crush is: Matthew Whitehouse out of The Heartbreaks, who is not only spectacularly beautiful, he makes awesome mixtapes on Tumblr and wrote the best album of the year so far (out tomorrow, but you can stream it here. Head straight to Hand On Heart: "hand on heart, foot in mouth, I need someone who leaves no doubt. How typical of me to behave like that; how typical of you to react..." JESUS, IDK if 'lyrics you can hear a semi colon in' is a kink but... so many buttons pushed. Jealous, Don't You Know is also an indie tour de force and Remorseful, fact fans, was produced by Edwyn Collins, who wrote not one but two of the greatest songs of all time (Rip It Up and Girl Like You). Click if you like the sound of Echo and the Bunnymen mating with Burt Bacharach)

And one more where he looks a bit less like Marc Almond:

...yeah. I have a type. It's stringy pale twinks in fuzzy jumpers.

6. An awesome comm I hang out at is: pulped_fictions, which is a comm I started to provide a fandom-type environment for original art and writing. We have challenges and discussions and everyone is a superstar in waiting. Come, join!

7. If I were a crayon, I would be called: Tangerine Tempest

8. The fictional character I most identify with and why is: Brian Kinney from Queer as Folk. I really relate to his coping mechanisms and his constructed harshness, and the way he doesn’t let people in but he’s always there for him in his own way. Like him, I have people in my life I don’t deserve - enomis57 is my Sunshine, and I have several Debbies like duck_or_rabbit and sabriel75 to give me a slap when I need one and make sure I’m eating. I actually think ‘no apologies, no excuses, no regrets’ is an awesome life philosophy, and I try and stick by that – I try not to do anything I’ll have to apologise for, I don’t waste my own time or other people’s making excuses for my failings – I just learn and do better next time, and the past is a foreign country I lost my visa for.

9.Fandoms I frequent: Merlin is the only one I’m active in (I do fan stuff from another journal, though – ask if you want to know where). I’m also dabbling in Avengers (but only so I can ship Loki/Thor and me/Scarlet Johansson) and Glee (it’s a Kurt/Blaine showtunes thing).

10. Hypothetical: we have a date Friday night. You call to cancel, telling me your racoon has hepatitis. What’s the real reason you blew me off? I’m probably tapping away at my novel. I put fictional people ahead of real ones. I’d promise to work on it… but I don’t want to.

11. List five things you can see right now:

- Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde (I’m cataloguing my monstrously huge CD collection before moving house)
- A mug that says I ♥ tea
- An orange angle poise lamp (bulb slightly on the fritz owing to dodgy connection)
- My own hands in electric blue wrist warmers (I could use a manicure)
- Why We Broke Up, by Daniel Handler (reaaaad it)

12. You are in charge of the world – the entire world – for five minutes. You can wield the power of magic and physics and whatever other powers you want. What do you do?
Make a device that delivers a small electrical shock to people every time they say something defeatist. The world would be a better place if everyone had to stop making excuses, stop whinging, and stop seeing nothing but problems. I’d call it the GET THE FUCK OVER IT button. I would also put Simon Cowell in a blender. /priorities
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