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Man, work is killing me. Nice to be in demand, but I'm doing literally twice as much work as usual and... someone pour me a litre of vodka and come and give me a head massage?

Anyway, I made use of the long weekend to go to Brighton and scout out some new places to live. Ruled out a couple of locations entirely (IDK if anyone knows the area but Rottingdean and the marina are off my list) and ruled in somewhere I thought I wouldn't like (Kemp Town). The word for the air was bracing, but a vegan ice cream parlour and a guy busking outside Aveda with a sitar meant I felt right at home. Have some pics of the British summer in action:

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Now all I need to do is decide some really vital stuff like how close to the beach I want to be and whether I really, really, really need a balcony to drink wine on my heart says yes I need a balcony with an awesome sea view. My hair says that's a one way ticket to permanent 'fro and IDK which one will win. If you're planning on visiting ever, feel free to weigh in. On my search I did find something really awesome - a 3 bed house with a sea view for 2 bed flat money:

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Anyway, back to work to salt-mine myself up into a better postcode. Hope you used your long weekend wisely ♥.

Love is all around, apparently....


LJ = Love Fest Now Open!

Happy Valentine’s LJ Land! Whether you’re going to spend the day listening to Tom Waits and sniffing into your tea, being That Person who bores everyone with your rant about commercialism, or throwing confetti and giving strangers roses, I hope you have a very, very, lovely day .

Get your Valentines here! So, so many ♥. Individual users first (hopefully alphabetical... with some 2am mistakes), then multiples, comms, teams and general stuff. Some images of kissing and a spot of nudity so maybe NSFW... or if you're feeling reckless, it's nothing too graphic so just be on Boss Alert and have something handy to ping into place.

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If you pimped this or see something for someone you know and you want to let people know there's something for them, here’s the banner:

Valentine Post Box


LJ = Love Fest

Valentine’s Day approaches, and let’s face it, it’s easy to be cynical or sullen or dread the non-existent rattle of your real life letterbox. But isn’t there someone here you’d like to say ‘hey you, I LIKE YOU’ to? Isn’t there someone on your flist who deserves a smile on February 14th? Or an overworked and underloved mod somewhere at a comm that makes your day every day? This is your chance to say thank you or spread a little love – completely eschewing silk-hearts, over-priced glittery cards, and teddy bears.

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Questions, problems, etc, PM me... and then give me a few days 'cos I'm swamped but I wanted to get this up today so you have two weeks to take part ♥.

Being Human Fic: Laminating Christmas

Title: Laminating Christmas
Words: 850
Rating: R-ish (for language, rather than content)
Summary: Mitchell tries to cheer Annie up at Christmas. He fails.
For: katyscarlett76, who wanted mistletoe, and enomis57, who wanted tea (and ok that last one is blink-and-miss but I hope you’ll like it anyway) ♥.

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Glee Fic: A Wonderful Life

I got sort of inspired by this week’s Glee and the snowpocalypse outside my window, so here’s the first Christmas fic thing.

Title: A Wonderful Life
Words: 600
Rating: PG-13ish
Summary: Snow makes Kurt thoughtful. (Kurt/Blaine, set sort of circa now in the Glee timeline... but with added winter)
For: renrenren3, who wanted snow and scarf, sabriel75, who wanted hot chocolate, and ozfroggirl, who wanted misletoe. ♥ you all.

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Happy Valentine's


Get your Valentines here! I really hope I got them all. And if you missed the postbox, you can still leave your Valentines in a comment. Never have the words 'cut for image heaviness' been more needed. OMG, so many. You guys blow me away ♥.

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Speak, enter, and friend....


Some info if you're thinking of friending me

I'm always up for new friends, so if you'd like to add me please do. Things like links to fics are nearly always public initially, so if that's all you're interested in please feel free to friend me without commenting or lurk to your heart's content.

If you're interested in more than that, you can leave a comment here so I know you're a real person and I'll probably friend you back. I like friends who are active here, so if your journal is empty I might think twice unless you let me know you're new. You don't have to say anything fancy when you comment - just let me know why you're friending me, tell me a fascinating fact about yourself, or something.

In general I post about music, film, TV and books, I love picspams, polls and asking questions, and if you're the kind of person who always posts interesting stuff when I'm on my morning tea break we are destined to be LJ BFFs.